Passion for innovation and technique

The first snowboard from the Kessler production in Braunwald 1988


Hansjürg Kessler wants to reach the same performance with Snowboards that is already considered standard with the ski technology. He realizes that “The interaction ‘ski/snowboard – snow’ is identical.” Kessler developed his first snowboard in a simply manner and tested it on-site, which is still essential for his great efficiency this very day. In 1990, the Kessler rider Stefan Koch won the Swiss Championships, and the following year he cleaned up bronze at the World Championships.

Production machine developed by Hansjürg Kessler


The machines developed by HansjürgKessler are able to produce within a short time a huge number of different boards. Feedback can be integrated immediately. Thanks to the computerized machines not only highest precision and quality are guaranteed but also the identical reproduction of the boards. In elite sports, this is considered most relevant.

Titanal – material and design. Rider: Natalie Egger, Italy


1994 introduced by Kessler, the material quality characteristics enable to attain ultimate torsion rigidity. That results in a superior grip on ice of Kessler boards. The best reward for the long-lasting development work: Olympic gold in 2002. The best gratitude: countless medals that have been won with his boards since then.

Kessler Shape Technology (KST) as the match winner 2007


Inimitably for snowboarding and revolutionary in the skiing sector. A formula for victory. At the Olympics 2006, Kessler riders won 5 of 6 medals. At the World Championships 2007, Kessler boards dominated again on the podium with 11 of 12 possible medals. In 2008, Graham Watanabe (USA) won the first boarder cross gold medal on a Kessler BX-Board. At the Olympics 2010, Kessler was the most successful snowboard brand of all.

Kessler Shape Technology (KST) as the match winner 2006


The only logical consequence. The circle is closing: Back then, when everything started, Kessler analysed skis to develop snowboards. Today, his technology revolutionizes conventional carving skis.Now, not only a few top athletes should be able to profit by that quantum leap of innovation – everybody should be able to use that predominant technology. Kessler decided to mass-produce and promoted his technology at the ISPO 2009 where he was chosen as finalist of the ISPO Brand New Awards.

First Gold medal in boarder cross: Graham Watanabe (USA) 2008


Kessler-Swiss AG was founded in 2009 in Baar, where design, production, marketing and sales for Kessler series products are coordinated and implemented. Committed experts are responsible to serve the needs of worldwide clients. The distribution team works in close contact with the dealer partners. A professional sales and marketing team analyses customer and market demands on a continuous basis.